Employer Solutions for Family Caregivers

In May and June of 2016, we did a quick pulse survey (N= 138), asking employers what they do to respond to employee’s family caregiving responsibilities. The survey is not scientific, but gives some insight about what is currently on the mind of HR managers and top leadership. 

Here are some lessons learned from what they told us:

1. Take the Flexible Strategy: Flexibility and/or breaks was the most commonly reported strategy.

  • By the numbers: 96% of respondents offered flexibility and/or breaks to at least some of their employees.
  • The challenge is: Bringing flexible work options to a larger proportion of the workforce. Only 46% of employers offered it to all or nearly all of their employees.

2.  Build on what you have: Respondents were far more likely to expand or improve on existing policies than to launch new innovative policies.

  • By the numbers: 42% planned to expand or improve at least one strategy to support working caregivers in the next year.
  • The challenge is: Making room for innovative new policies and programs. Only 4% plan to launch an innovative new policy within the next year.

3.  Focus on one thing. Of those who plan to or improve existing policies in the next year, most plan to focus on one general strategy (such as information and supports).

  • By the numbers: 69% planned to expand or improve only one strategy to support working caregivers.
  • The challenge is: Finding the right way to deliver information and other supports to employees. Employers in the pulse survey were most likely to want to expand information and supports.

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